DISC Profiling is a game changer for individuals, families and organisations.

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Each of us is unique, but we all share common patterns of behaviour; the ability to identify these patterns is known as behavioural awareness and is a massive opportunity to improve communication, productivity and team/ relationship function.

As a certified DISC consultant Mark can coach, train and equip you to get the most out of you and your teams’s style and increase effectiveness in leading, selling and communication. Imagine a team that gets communication right the first time, a team with reduced turnover, increased motivation and improved customer relations - all this is possible through DISC training. With different profiles for differing needs, the individual reports never cease to amaze, and with the Team Impact Executive Report, the team leader gets big picture view of their team, with strengths, weaknesses and points for development.


Transform Your Sales Process Through Understanding DISC


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John Maxwell Team President, Paul Martinelli (voted the world’s number 1 coach), introduces Mark Neale


Take The DISC Video Test - Watch the four videos, they are less than 2 minutes each, and see which one you agree with the most, and whether any of them annoy you.

The one you like is likely to reflect your DISC style, if there is one you don’t like, then you have identified a conflict point.


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