The Maxwell Method Impact Reports

Master your personal communication style and transform your business, career and relationships.

Communication Impact Report

Effective communication requires that we use the method that works best for those we are speaking to. Once we understand our natural style we can reach others more easily by understanding theirs. This all starts with the Communication Impact Report.

Maxwell Method Sales Impact Report

Effective selling requires that we sell in the style of our clients rather than demanding they adapt to ours. Everyone has their own buying language, once we understand our selling style we can adapt our message to suit our clients. This all starts with the Sales Impact Report.

Maxwell Method Communication Report

Your first step toward transforming your career, empowering your team and increasing your influence. Learn to understand and be properly understood.


Maxwell Method Sales Impact Report

Transform your performance by selling according to your clients buying style. Generate more sales and retain more customers as you develop your skills.


Report & Debrief

Once you have your report, Mark will spend about 20 minutes on a call with you, taking you through the highlights and some key areas to focus on. You are then ready to begin your journey toward better sales and/or communication.

Report & Workshop

As well as the report and debrief, you will have an extra 90 minute workshop that allows for a deep dive into your personal style and how to apply it in your situation. Understanding yourself positions you to better understand others and will make for much higher levels of effectiveness.

Report, Debrief & Transformational Coaching

For those who are serious about transformation and radically improved results, this is the package to choose. With all the benefits of the report, debrief and workshop, working with Mark one on one you will put it all together to achieve the transformation in the areas that you most want to progress in.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered here, then please get in touch.

If you answer the questions honestly (there is nothing embarrassing), then the report will be immensely useful. However, if you genuinely think it is wrong you will receive your money back. The guarantee covers the report, unused workshops and coaching sessions.

Unlike some of the more basic reports available, you are asked 24 questions with four options, you choose the two that are most like and least like you. Then a very expensive and very clever algorithm determines which of more than 40 types, best represents you. The report is a real eyebrow raiser as it is very accurate and accommodates the fact that most people have more than one personality type.

These are done, either over the phone or online. The debrief is a phone call, the workshops are done either one on one or in small groups over Skype/ Zoom and the coaching is either Skype or phone.

Absolutely! The impact on a team or organisation these reports can have when followed up by a workshop and coaching can be phenomenal. 

It is also possible to host the workshop live with the team. Please get in touch to discuss a package that best suits your situation.


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