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I provide internal market intelligence for CEO’s, managers and business owners that equips them and their teams to develop a high performance, non dependant culture of growth and excellence. We all know that sheep dip exercises might tick a box, but they don’t effect positive and lasting change. The answer is a properly engaged curriculum within a coaching environment that brings about personal and therefore team transformation.

The modern market demands leaner teams that perform at ever increasing levels of effectiveness, but statistics show that managers with more than just a few direct reports suffer increased turnover, slowing the team and costing thousands in lost productivity and replacement.

The answer is increased skills in communication, self awareness and a full appreciation of the vision, abilities and limits of the wider team. With the very best material and decades of experience I can offer tailored solutions to equip you to fulfil not just your responsibilities, but to achieve your aspirations.

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World Class Curriculum

Tailored to the needs of your team

Tailored Curriculum for Organisational & Corporate Leadership

Drawing on John Maxwell’s extensive curriculum as well as my own material, I can tailor courses, masterminds and workshops to meet the precise needs of your team or organisation. All the material is proven, practical and inspirational; it empowers individuals to tap into their potential and achieve new levels of effectiveness. Most professionals are hard working, serious and focussed, they don’t need tired sound bites or have someone telling them to work harder, they deserve solutions that are practiced in the highest level of industry and government.


The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

John’s most famous book that has changed the lives of so many, now revised and with well over a million copies sold, our flagship training comes as a mastermind, seminar or a fully immersive two day course for executives and leaders. You cannot overestimate the possibility for transformation this material can bring as it is internalised and applied. Combined with ongoing coaching this is a must for anyone who is serious about becoming a more effective as a leader.

Developing the leader within you 2.0

An incredibly powerful introduction to leadership that reveals how to develop the vision, values, influence and motivation that are trademarks of successful teams and their leaders. Focusing on personal growth as well as principles that can jump start individuals and teams to achieve more effective leadership practices in a very short space of time. Delivered as a mastermind, seminar or via coaching it is perfect for teams and aspiring leaders. Once again, when combined with ongoing coaching the results can be remarkable.


The JMT Leadership game

Straight forward, non threatening and incredibly powerful The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game is a highly effective way of introducing teams to the vital nature of leadership, it reveals strengths and weaknesses, it can forecast future successes and potential problems. In spite of the serious nature of what is being discussed the game is full of laughter and teams get to know and appreciate each other more.

Proven in corporate, SME’s and non profit this is a must for any organisation looking to move forward and take their effectiveness and profitability to the next level. Watch the video below to catch the essence of what is on offer here.


And So Much More…Tailored to your requirements.