The Time of Your Life

I have fond memories as six year old of those hot summer days when the school dinner breaks seemed to last for hours, and of playing simple games with the innocence that only a child can enjoy (it was the 1960's, think Call The Midwife); with the girls in their summer dresses and us boys in our grey flannel shorts (a left over from WW2) a perennial favourite was,'What's The Time Mr Wolf'. A ridiculously simple game at which we all did our best to avoid the wolf's hungry jaws; the person playing wolf would name a time when asked and the other children would dare themselves to get closer and closer, until that is, the answer was, dinner time! At which point the group would scatter with squeals and taunts of, "you can't catch" me as the wolf did his or her best to apprehend a victim.

The secret to What's The Time Mr Wolf, is to guess when the wolf would call dinner; in real life the consequences for not knowing the time can be considerably worse than a sticky hand on your...

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