Just One Step From Stupid!

crisis failure success Apr 12, 2018

It had been a good day, one of those busy but satisfying ones. I was volunteering last week at a student convention in Somerset, hundreds of teenagers and their heroic teachers come together for competition, friendship, sugar overloads and no sleep; what more could they ask for?

For most of my time there I was floor manager for the theatre where the students were performing one act plays, monologues, famous speeches and more. My job was to get the performers in the right place at the right time, control the audience and chivvy the judges. Towards the end of a very busy day the judges told me how much they enjoyed having me overseeing the event; I was complimented on how smoothly things ran, how effectively I managed the audience and how much easier their job was with me there.

After the last performance I had an hour to spare, so I headed back to my room for a shower. I have to say, I was feeling pretty good, grateful for the day and pleased about how my skills transferred into a...

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