My name's Mark and I am on a mission to equip business owners and career intrepreneurs to transform their lives. (An intrepreneur is someone who works in a company with the energy and intelligence of a business owner)

Too many great people who have worked so hard are living in overwhelm which undermines their relationships and health; they make less than they want which is draining and frustrating, and yet they know they should be living a better life.

Nothing is going to change until we realise that our sector skills only contribute about 20% toward our overall success. My dream is to get the missing 80% of skills into the hands of everyone who aspires for more so that they can shatter the glass ceiling and start to build the life they truly desire.

It would be my pleasure to partner with you as you press forward to discover, design and experience what success means to you. 

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Go well, my friend.


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Everything here is geared for your success in every area of life. What defines success is different for everyone and it is crucial for us all to understand our own version of success so that we can recognise it when we find it.

Making Life Work

Working, working, working, but nothing is working! This is the experience of too many people. Mark can help you gain clarity and insight that will start working for you, and you can experience the progress you know is there.

Enjoying The Journey

Everyone has dreams and desires; once there is the belief that they can be achieved, we don't believe in waiting for them to come true before we start enjoying life. Enjoying the journey is a major key to a truly succesful life.

Mark Neale

An international authority on personal growth and leadership, Mark has over thirty years experience of working with individuals, teams and organisations, equipping them to discover and enjoy more of their potential. A highly experienced coach and speaker, Mark subscribes fully to the belief that real success is in the reach of everyone, they just need the right help in a way that works for them. Over the years Mark has experienced the highs and lows of life, making a come back after serious illness, financial failure and the loss of his career; these experiences position him to be able to understand and equip his clients (who he calls friends) with what they need to get their lives working in the way they desire.

The John Maxwell Team

Mark is proud to be an Independent Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team; this means he is trained and certified to bring world class material developed by the world's number one leadership and management expert, Dr John C. Maxwell. John has sold millions of books, trained countless leaders and has equipped the John Maxwell Team to take his transformational teaching to individuals, teams and organisations around the world. As an Executive Director Mark has access to exclusive, certified professional training programs to develop teams and individuals who are serious about taking their expertise and influence to the next level.

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